About The Listening Chair...

Immi in the Listening ChairHave you ever been in a certain mood and reached for a song you'd hoped would 'fit' but couldn't find anything? Or maybe you'd like to hear a song on a particular topic? I'm curious to know if there's a song 'void'. Maybe there are many?

The Listening Chair is a physical chair, traveling about, asking people the question 'What is the song that still needs to be written?'. I guide you through the experience on screen, there are speakers either side of you with volume control, integrated camera, microphone and even LED strips that come on when you hit record! The Listening Chair however, may not be passing your way, as I'm just getting started with it and it has limited appearances (Sydney, London and Edinburgh so far), but if you'd still like to share an idea, The Listening Chair website is ready to receive your video responses!

Once recorded, if you choose to make it public, it'll pop up onto this website and join other's thoughts, for all to see. There's a possibility you could end up in the music video or making of documentary, so select private if you'd rather just keep it between you and me. Ideas uploaded directly and made public from the chair can be seen on the video wall and you can filter videos from the chair and videos submitted from elsewhere.

I look forward over the months and years to hear people's ideas as events continue to shift and shape our worlds.

Come August 2012, I will write the final song for my current album inspired by these 'seeds'. I don't know what i'll be about yet but I do know it's going to be the A Capella (voice only) track on the album. I am then going to record the vocals in a very special place but won't reveal that just yet!

Please share and star those you like so I and others can get a sense which ideas resonate more or less with people, it's going to be a fun project!

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!
Love and thanks, Imogen xxx