The Listening Chair Team
The Listening Chair Team with Imogen at Middlesex University, UK.


Imogen Heap

Project Management

Moritz Waldemeyer

Middlesex Uni Team

Debbie Jedwab
Project Manager and Senior Lecturer, Product Design and Engineering

Sid Odedra
Design Engineer, Engineering and Information Sciences

Iliyan Kukushliev
Product Design and Engineering graduate and junior product designer, redLoop

Rebecca Board
Product Design and Engineering student

The Chair Team

Graeme Harrison

Justyn Butler - Tablet software development

Huge Thanks to...

Biamp, Tannoy and Beyer for donating all the technical audio equipment in the chair!

Special thanks to Graeme Harrison and his fab team at Biamp for all the set up and development work on the Listening Chair. We couldn't have done it without you! Looking forward to more collaborations.


James Clarke

Daniel Dols - Video Wall

Andy Carne - Graphics

Taken from Neglected Space video painting by Sarah Maycock


Immi in chair taken by Rebecca Board

Design adaptation on reproduction of 1968 Thor Larsen 'Ovalia' chair, with Moritz Waldemeyer and Middlesex University.