The Listening Chair arrives in London

Got a memory about the River Thames you'd care to share with me?

On 21/22 June, I'll be the artist in residence in 'A room for London' (thanks to ArtAngel). This is a boat perched on top of The Queen Elizabeth Hall (QEH) along The River Thames and it's where I'll write and perform #Heapsong7. I've already decided its title, 'You Know Where To Find Me'.

I want to write the song from the river's perspective. I wonder what stories float in its memory, though the osmosis of our passing thoughts?

16/17th June (the weekend before I'm in the boat), The Listening Chair is going to be sat in the foyer of the Royal Festival Hall (just next door). It hopes to gather personal memories about The Thames. Seated in its comfy cocooned enclosure, you'll see some speakers and a screen, from where I guide you through the experience plus a camera and microphone to capture your moments. These recordings then upload here. I'll be hanging around The Chair a bit with some friends over the weekend to help out and discuss further.

If you can't be there with us in person, you can upload yours remotely, here. Please no longer than 30 seconds as I have to listen to them all in that short period on the boat!

I have my own deep connect with The Thames, especially as for seven years I lived close by in Waterloo. I've spent many hours in the company of its reflection, jogging, cycling or stopping there late at night to gaze and gain perspective. Or just people watching and coming up with song ideas. Then there are specific memories : A sad end to a long term relationship, to more celebratory times among jam packed crowds, watching fireworks.

Streamed live from 7pm Friday 22nd, I'll be talking about the story of the song, the inspirations and to finish, an acoustic performance of 'You Know Where To Find Me'. Anyone can watch it here but if you're in the area, you can also watch it from below the boat in the Connor Room at the QEH (info here). I'll be taking questions from twitter online and also from 'the floor' downstairs.

It'll be wonderful to be up there in the boat, tucked away on top. I can't wait actually!

It doesn't stop there, and the weekend after, I'm going to be in Edinburgh playing the song on whatever pianos I can find (pubs, galleries, shopping centres or in your home perhaps?) singing and filming the performances (and people watching). I will then edit these together for the official recording and video! Stay tuned for locations so you know where to find me (see what I did there ;) if you want to join in. Please email if you have a location in mind!

The 'You Know Where To Find Me' song is hijacking The Listening Chair, from a longer term project, intent on unravelling whether there are common song 'voids' in the world. It's (I've) been asking the question 'What is the song that still needs to be written?' Are there certain topics people are concerned about not being represented, or perhaps a specific story individuals would like a song to be written about? A place for song wishes to connect to and be fulfilled by songwriters (myself and others)? We shall see!

You can read more on The Listening Chair here and see some videos already uploaded.
Lots of love!
Immi xxx