Solar Flare

added by Ryan Barrett

Immi - I'm absolutely fascinated with all of the recent "buzz" around solar flares, and their connection to us here on Earth. I know that a lot of what you sing about is deeply personal - and much of it has to do with inner changes. I personally believe that we have a very strong, intimate connection with our sun. It gives us life, and it keeps us healthy. However, when the sun is in turmoil - I can't help but think we are also inadvertently and intrinsically connected to that same turmoil. As we mozy through the universe - discovering who and what we truly are - I'm somewhat hopeful that we will someday come to understand how much great potential we truly have. I'd love for you to write a song around this. Your music always has a deep sadness and a deep hope - all mixed together. I think you would do a fabulous job of translating this through music. Thanks for listening. Good luck - and I can't wait to hear the next song (and the album). Sincerely, Ryan (from Chicago)

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